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Teaching with Mahara

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Many schools in New Zealand use MyPortfolio for their students. Paul Seiler, a member of Ministry of Education confirmed my registration and invited me to join interesting groups. Many thanks! It´s interesting to look around and to discover how other teachers and facilitators use Mahara.

Here are a few Youtube videos showing „Teaching with Mahara“, which I found in a page (new word for „views“ in the coming soon Mahara 1.4) from Pete Potter aka Mr. Potter and Danielle Heares-Farry aka MissFarry.

Students create pages to demonstrate
their learning in easy steps 

  1. build that page with blocks and artefacts
  2. name the page
  3. share the page
Groups are a great way to build an online community.
You can get students to join your class group to make
it easier to communicate with them, to contact you
and to share with each other. 

Inside the group you can create group views,
use forumsjournals and save files

You can create a template so that students
can simply copy the page and fill in the blanks.
This video will show you how to prepare for that.
You can leave feedback on a document in a page or on a whole page. 

This feedback can be private or public.

The videos are done with the new Mahara 1.4 but show basic stuff so they are also useful for former version of Mahara.

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